The GLOBALG.A.P. is an independent and voluntary system of protecting food for primary agricultural production.
The standard, which initially functioned under the name of the EUREPG.A.P., was proposed in 1997, as an initiative of the working group of retail commerce cooperative united in the EUREP Organization (Euro-Retailer Produce Working Group). The aim of the group has been to create common production procedures, as well as unified standards for the GAP Good Agricultural Practice and food protection. The main initiators of the system were supermarket chains. The project was created in cooperation with scientists, farmers, and manufacturers of production materials. The main reason behind creation of the system was to minimize threats caused by circulation of the „hazardous food products” and care about consumers’ health, even during the very production process, as well as caring about environment and good health condition of workers in the same time.
The system is global in character – members of the organization are individuals from Europe, Australia, Oceania, Asia, Africa, as well as North and South America. The GLOBALG.A.P. system indicates minimal production standards that are necessary to produce high-quality primary commodities, such as fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, etc.
Implementation and certification based on the GLOBALGAP system guarantees:
  • High quality of products that are additionally safe for consumers
  • Issuing of a proof that the production process complies with international standards, making it easier for companies to become competitive on the market,
  • Lowering of production costs, which is connected with optimization of production processes, that is – increasing the efficiency of natural resources utilization, as well as minimizing of usage of crop protection chemicals,
  • Decreasing of negative influence of the products on the environment by taking advantage of various re-cultivation techniques and protection of the environment.