Our assumption is a delivery of only fresh, natural and high quality products.
For this purpose we adjusted production processes to the highest international norms and standards which is demonstrated by the following certificates:
  • at the beginning of our activity we implemented EUREPG.A.P System. (at present, GLOBALG.A.P.) and received certification
  • we introduced and certified HACCP System – with an aim to provide better quality of our products in central warehouse,
  • we received EUREPG.A.P. (currently GLOBALG.A.P.) cerificate
  • we received PN EN ISO 22000:2006 certificate
  • we received GLOBALG.A.P. Certificate for Manufacturers’ Group: Grzybek Łosicki, “Grzybek Łosicki” Cooperative
  • 2010 – we gained EuroCertificate as a confirmation of Cooperative services quality
  • we implemented International Food Standard (IFS) meeting the requirements on a higher level on reception, cooling, cutting, packaging, storage and distribution of fresh champignon
  • we recertified GLOBALG.A.P. Certificate for Manufacturers’ Group: Grzybek Łosicki
  • we extended International Food Standard (IFS) on a higher level
  • we recertified GLOBALG.A.P. for Manufacturers’ Group: Grzybek Łosicki
Subsequent audits and periodically renewed certifications confirm keeping the highest standards and quality.