Flat mushrooms
Packed according to customer requirements

  • Trade name: fresh flat champignon 
  • Distributive unit: GL Group Cooperative
  • Product description: it has a deeper taste than white champignon which makes it an excellent match for beef, venison and vegetable dishes.
  • Size: medium: 40-60 mm
  • Form of preparation: in one piece

Nutritive value in 100g of the product

Energy content:
92 kJ / 22 kcal

2,1 g

3,9 g

0,35 g

Intended use and application
They are perfect for: cooking, roasting, freezing, drying, pickling
Product origin
Poland, Southern Podlasie, including among others Łosice District, Huszlew Commune of exceptional natural and ecological values where forests cover over 1/5 of the area (including unchanged by man areas of “Podlasie Bug Gorge” Landscape Park with nature reserves). Unique and very healthy Bug climate is characterised by extraordinary air cleanness and a lack of facilities that are bothersome for environment and people’s health. It creates ideal conditions for cultivation of healthy and ecological food – in the zone classified to the Polish Green Lungs (being one of the European Green Lungs elements). Huszlew Commune belongs to Uncontaminated Environment Association. It is a typically agricultural commune in which farmlands cover over 80% of the area.
Packing and transport
Packed according to customer requirements
Flat champignon should be transported by cars equipped with cooling aggregates, adjusted to transportation of fresh products. The scope of optimal temperatures for fresh champignon transportation– freezer: 1-4°C. Transport conditions should prevent from damage and moisture of products and packagings
Flat champignon should be stored in properly equipped freezers at a relative humidity of air that is 85-90% and temperature of approx. 2°C.
Service and consulting
Having in mind the provision of Customer service highest standards, GL Group Cooperative offer service professional consulting for recipients of our products.