Oyster mushrooms

  • Trade name: fresh oyster mushroom
  • Latin name: Pleurotus
  • Distributive unit: GL Group
  • Product description: it has a mild taste and distinctive odour resembling anise odour, it is frequently called a vegetarian steak in relation to its structure similar to meat
  • Intended use and application: it is perfect for roasting, frying, braising
  • Size: medium: 80 – 120 mm
  • Form of preparation: in one piece

Nutritive value in 100g of the product

Energy content:
138 kJ / 33 kcal

3,31 g 

6,09 g

0,41 g

Product origin
Poland, Southern Podlasie, including among others Łosice District, Huszlew Commune of exceptional natural and ecological values where forests cover over 1/5 of the area (including unchanged by man areas of “Podlasie Bug Gorge” Landscape Park with nature reserves). Unique and very healthy Bug climate is characterised by extraordinary air cleanness and a lack of facilities that are bothersome for environment and people’s health. It creates ideal conditions for cultivation of healthy and ecological food – in the zone classified to the Polish Green Lungs (being one of the European Green Lungs elements). Huszlew Commune belongs to Uncontaminated Environment Association. It is a typically agricultural commune in which farmlands cover over 80% of the area.
Packing and transport
Brown champignon can be packed in:
  • plastic cup at a net mass of 250 g – 4 pieces packed in each box.
  • plastic box at a net mass of 2 kg (packed separately)
  • in a different way accepted by a recipient.
Portobello should be transported by cars equipped with cooling aggregates, adjusted to transportation of fresh products. The scope of optimal temperatures for fresh portobello transportation– freezer: 1-4°C. Transport conditions should prevent from damage and moisture of products and packagings.
Brown champignon should be stored in properly equipped freezers at a relative humidity of air that is 85-90% and temperature of approx. 2°C.
Service and consulting
Having in mind the provision of Customer service highest standards, GL Group Cooperative offer service professional consulting for recipients of our products.