GLGroup Cooperative

The GL Group Cooperative is a leading Polish group of producers and exporters of fresh champignons. Our offer includes white and brown champignons, flat mushrooms, portobello as well as oyster mushrooms of the highest quality. Mushrooms in our offer come only from selected crops. The producers belonging to the group ensure the highest quality of the final product. This is confirmed by the GLOBALG.A.P certificates they hold and IFS.

Our distribution center consists of:

10 cold stores

rapid cooling - capacity 15 t/h

2 cold stores

vacuum - capacity 15 t/h

5 rooms

proper target cold stores for packaging mushrooms

Slicing and packing machines

fresh products

Modern ramps

for unloading and loading


with a total capacity of 2,000 euro-pallets

Having our own crops, we guarantee the supply of freshly picked, aromatic and tasty mushrooms 365 days a year in the amount expected by our business partners.

Thanks to the use of modern machinery, innovative cooling and mushroom storage technologies, we always guarantee the freshness of our products. We meet the highest standards of the Polish and international wholesale and retail markets, the culinary industry, as well as the industrial market.

We offer our mushrooms both in retail and collective packaging – for further industrial or gastronomic use. We always prepare the product according to the customer’s requirements.

GL Group is a company valued in Poland and Europe. Our mushrooms have already been loved by gourmets from Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus, Great Britain and Russia.


GL Group is a brand of the highest quality fresh mushrooms. We specialize in the sale of fresh champignons, oyster mushrooms, and portobello – highly valued by customers in Poland and throughout Europe. GL Group is also high-quality and professional in the preparation, packaging, and distribution of products.


We are the largest association of mushroom producers in Poland, our total cultivation area is approx. 100,000 m2


Thanks to advanced production, we ensure constant supplies of always healthy and fresh products (weekly over 500 tons of the highest quality mushrooms).


We immediately respond to the customer's needs - thanks to our reliable producers, we are able to deliver a product of excellent quality in a short time, in any quantity, to the designated place.


We focus on high quality in every area of ​​our activity, from pesticide-free production to distribution and logistics.


Producers associated in our Cooperative are experts in the field of mushroom cultivation and ensure their highest quality, which is confirmed by the GLOBAL.G.A.P certificates they hold.


Our mushrooms are grown in an area with a unique and very healthy microclimate (with exceptional air purity), which creates ideal conditions for growing healthy and organic food - in the zone classified as the Green Lungs of Poland, which is one of the elements of the Green Lungs of Europe.


We meet the expectations of our European customers at the highest level and for each type of fresh mushrooms we offer, as evidenced by our certificates (IFS, GLOBAL.G.A.P., BRC, EKO)


We have a modern distribution and logistics center equipped with the latest generation devices for cooling (including shock and vacuum coolers), sorting, storage, cutting, packaging, unloading and loading.


We rationalize costs, strive for self-sufficiency and independence (e.g. we produce our own packaging)