Champignons Storage

Proper storing can facilitate keeping mushrooms fresh. Champignons show a tendency to become rotten after a short while.

How to clean champignons? 

Before cleaning champignons, it is worth segregating them first. At first, it is necessary to check if the fungi are not ill. While spotting any rotten fragments – the fungus must be thrown away. Champignons should be cleaned by rubbing them with a damp cloth or paper towel. If they are covered in dirt (remnants of soil), they should be washed in running water. They should not be soaked in water for too long, for they can lose their nutritious value and unique color.

What to do to prevent white champignons from losing their freshness and healthy look?

Proper storing can facilitate keeping the mushrooms fresh. Champignons show a tendency to become rotten after a short while. Nevertheless, this process can be prevented easily:

  • The optimal temperature for storing mushrooms in a freezer should be set between 1 and 4 ⁰C; the lower the temperature, the longer they will be fresh.
  • while storing champignons in the freezer, they should be additionally packed in paper bags – they are better for storage than plastic bags, which foster moist gathering,
  • it is important to keep them away from direct sunlight, 
  • champignons must not be washed before storage as it can cause mold development.

It must also be noted that champignons have a short expiration date. Before purchasing, you should note the label and check the date, before which the product should be consumed.

What to do to maintain the whiteness of the champignons?

After slicing, champignons tend to change their color from white to brown or grey. In order to prevent that from happening, mushrooms should be wetted with a bit of lemon juice. Moreover, a bit of the juice can be added while boiling, as it helps them to maintain their healthy, white color.

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